Adriana Lopez SanFeliu "Before I Croak"

6:00 p.m
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Before I Croak series by Adriana López Sanfeliu is a personal diary capturing public and private moments shared with master photographer Elliott Erwitt (1928). Between 2012 and 2015 López Sanfeliu was Erwitt's assistant on international projects traveling together to over a dozen countries. From their complicity and friendship this photographic series was born. These 24 photographs are a celebration of Life. A visual poem of gratitude. A small gesture of love to a friend. A glimpse into our journey together. Some images we make are shared, others remain Invisible. Most instants are uncaptured. They exist as abstract memories suspended in time. They are all meaningful. Elliott would say 'photographs are made with the heart, eye and mind'. This series is made with the heart.

Adriana Lopez SanFeliu "Before I Croak"

Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. She was born and raised in Barcelona where she studied art history and design. She also studied documentary photography at ICP in New York, where she also worked on her most critically acclaimed work, Life on the Block.