Winners and Schedule

On October 7, the second edition of the Vintage Festival of Analogue Lovers Vintage Photo Festival will begin in Bydgoszcz. This is the only event on the map of Europe born of passion for photography and a deep conviction that analog photography is currently experiencing a renaissance and has a huge impact on the direction of digital photography.

During this year's edition of the Festival you will be able to see, among others Tadeusz Rolke's "Barytes", Aneta Grzeszykowska's "Negative Book" series, famous portraits of Syrian refugees or "12 faces" by Filip Ćwik or the amazing project of the Canadian artist Amy Friend "Dare alla luce". It will also be a unique opportunity to get a taste of analogue techniques thanks to workshops on creating rubber, instant photography, large format photography or through preventive photography conservation classes.



2nd Vintage Photo Festival 2016
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