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From the very beginning of photography, the lack of color was considered a limitation of the new medium, so various methods were tried to consolidate not only the form, but also the color of the real world. During the third edition of Vintage Photo Festival we will look at various techniques of obtaining color in the past and today. In 1907, that is exactly 110 years ago, the Lumière brothers patented the technique of autochromes, i.e. the first method of obtaining color photography on a glass plate in the form of a positive. These glass transparencies are extremely rare in Polish collections. The festival will feature a collection of autochromes by Tadeusz Rzący, a Kraków photographer and entrepreneur, made in 1910-1920. The Dutch artist Sanne de Wilde will in turn present the project The Island of the Colorblind, implemented in 2015 on two islands in the Micronesian state of Pohnpei, inhabited by people with achromatopsia disease inherited for centuries (total color blindness). By using various photographic techniques (including infrared photography, photo coloring), the artist tries to bring the world of people who do not recognize colors closer to the recipient. Another approach to color will be presented by Pszemek Dzienis in his Pureview project, in which he re-opens the definition of photography as light painting, which was promoted by one of its pioneers - Talbot. The most important, however, is the color collided with the landscape itself. The color of the landscape obtained by the author's own technique will also be the main motto of the exhibition Teresa Gierżyńska. Moods. The artist will present on it never presented color photographs, which have been created since 1984. These and other festival exhibitions will be complemented by a program of workshops dedicated to color photography, as well as an exceptionally rich festival program this year.

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3rd Vintage Photo Festival 2017
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