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Vintage Grand Prix Special Award for outstanding achievements
Vintage Grand Prix

The theme of the IV Vintage Photo Festival is the slogan "Woman before and behind the lens", in reference to the year 2018 established by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland as the Year of Women. This year's edition of the festival will abound in exhibitions of world artists referring to the main theme: Vintage Photo Festival will be the first in the world to exhibit photographs found in the St. Petersburg attic of Masha Ivashintsova - hailed as Russian Vivien Maier.

The festival will also host Aruna Canevascini, winner of this year's Photo London Book Dummy Award, with his project entitled "Villa Argentina".

You will also be able to see the project of this year's Eric Schuett Lensculture Portrait Award finalist "Village Queens", and last year's finalist of the competition, Shuwei Liu titled "Childhood Revisited", as well as winners of the Vintage Grand Prix 2018 competition.

It will be a great honor for us to show photographs from the Madelski collection, selected by curator Adam Mazur. The premiere at the festival will have an exhibition entitled "Women FOTON", for which the report is prepared by the outstanding writer Małgorzata Czyńska.

Traditionally, numerous author meetings and workshops will take place during the Vintage Photo Festival. A discussion panel is also planned, devoted to various forms of collecting photographs, which will include Krzysztof Madelski - owner of the photography collection, Zbigniew Chodyna - founder of the Museum of Photography in Bydgoszcz, Rafał Łochowski - director of the 6x7 Leica Gallery.

Wishing to enter the Year of Bydgoszcz Industrial Heritage established by the City Council of Bydgoszcz, Vintage Photo Festival will present outside the headquarters, which is the iconic Department Store "Jedynak", festival exhibitions in the interiors of industrial spaces, including in Galeria Farbiarnia, where a brewery and a bottling plant were once located, in the Museum of Photography, which was located in the building of the former photographic plate factory, as well as in the spaces of the historic Lloyd shipyard or in the Bydgoszcz Art Center, which has its headquarters in a building where since 1890 there was a city slaughter house, or Lemar's Barge.

In the partner institution of the Vintage Photo Festival - in the Orzeł Cinema of the Municipal Culture Center - there will be a projection of films referring to old techniques.



4th Vintage Photo Festival 2018