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Agnieszka Grymowicz "Beyond Time"

Department Store "Jedynak"
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Winner of the first place in the Vintage Grand Prix 2019 competition.

Agnieszka Grymowicz "Beyond Time"
Agnieszka Grymowicz

The project "Beyond Time" is portraits of the artist's relatives made using luxography. The artist inviting them to cooperate, wanted them to find their own individual space in which they would be able to manifest themselves safely, open to their internal landscapes, and their traces would be left in Grymowicz's photographs. Photograph gives the author a sense of freedom, allows her to stop her mind outside of time and space.

Agnieszka Grymowicz (born in 1971) graduated grom the Institute of Fine Arts and Culture at the WSP in Zielona Góra and the Warsaw School of Photography. She won the special award of "Youth Photography" of the Youth Ateneum Foundation and ZAPF in 2005, the award in the "Man" category during the 14th Open Photography Championships in Olsztyn in 2018, as well as the second prize in the "Portrait (amateur)" category in the Fine Art Photography competition awards 2019. Her works could be seen, among others in the Old ZAPF Gallery in Warsaw, the Ateneum Youth Gallery in Warsaw or the Amfilada Olsztyn Gallery.