Andrew Rovenko, "The Rocketgirl Chronicles"

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In March 2020, when the world was in lockdown, photographer Andrew Rovenko from Odessa, living in Australia, and his daughter Mia embarked on a unique adventure. Together, they explored quiet streets of cities and empty parks, rode deserted buses, and discovered magic in the mundane surroundings. The Rocketgirl Chronicles is a collection of memories from the worlds they discovered and the story of a young astronaut. The project, born during the sixth lockdown in Melbourne, received critical acclaim and recognition worldwide, being featured in publications like Vogue and Rolling Stone. The author was named Australian Photographer of the Year 2021 by Australian Photography magazine.

Andrew Rovenko, "The Rocketgirl Chronicles"

Ukraineborn and raised, Andrew Rovenko has been calling Australia home for over 18 years.

Having practised his skills as a freelance magazine photographer, Andrew always preferred the freedom of not having to work towards a commercial brief. This eventually led to doing just personal projects, primarily on film, where the joy of craftsmanship can be experienced the most. Andrew has been named 2021 Australian Photographer of the Year by the Australian Photography Magazine andhis work received international recognition with a number of awards and publications including Vogue and Rolling Stone Magazine and has been exhibited in Australia, Italy and New York.

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