Andrzej Grabowiecki "Autobiography and Other Stories"

Museum of Photography in Bydgoszcz
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The artist draws inspiration from literature, art and life. Piotr Aleksiejew — culture expert and the curator of the Petersburg edition of the exhibition, the said: "The author speaks about the problems of everyday life through" metaphysical "still lifes".

Andrzej Grabowiecki "Autobiography and Other Stories"
Andrzej Grabowiecki

Andrzej Grabowiecki — the conceptual artist, speaking out sets of photos. He calls his art photo talks (novellas). Grabowiecki, nicknamed “Graba”, has been dealing with classic photography in black and white for over 40 years on silver materials. The exhibition consists of cycles of photographs taken in a classic wet process. The artist has been a member of the Szczecin Photographic Society since 1976.

The author is passionate about the history of photography. In addition to classic photographic processes, Andrzej Grabowiecki also deals with historical ones, such as: Talbotypia (using paper impregnated with bromide or silver chloride), ambrotype (allowing one unique image as a result of using a wet collodion plate), daguerreotype (a process by which a unique image is obtained from the metal plate).

The exhibition “Autobiography and other stories” thanks to the Baltic Creative Foundation, was exhibited in St. Petersburg Veliky Novgorod in the Museum of Tsar Collection in Pushkin.