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Ane/Ania Chojnacka: DJ/producer of electronic music, lives in northern Poland, where, in the vicinity of Bory Tucholskie, she creates electronic music with a wide spectrum of use (performance, video-art, dance performances, 3D mapping). In his productions, he uses recordings of ambient sounds, which he combines with the sound of synthesizers and ethnic and folk instruments from all over the world.

Her sets are always a story made of carefully selected songs that must be listened to from beginning to end. She grew up on the sounds of dark techno from Tresor's stable and house music of the 90s, which resulted in combining techno, detroit house, afro house and deep house in her sets at a rate of 120-126bpm. She has always been fascinated by technical bass, deep vocals, tribal sounds with melodic ethnic motifs and instrumental accessories that are an inseparable element of her work.

He passes his love for music to young people as an instructor of music workshops, cooperating with several cultural institutions. He has six EPs and remixes for Ayako Mori and BMD. Her track "Unsettling" was featured on the WMC compilation from Cubek Records from Colombia. In 2016-2018 she co-created the UHA music project with Kępista's sisters, which combined electronic and acoustic music (vibraphone, cello, vocal). The result of their cooperation is EP- ka "Lazy day" released by the German label Nachtwandler Records. In 2019, as part of an artistic scholarship, she released three songs based on field recording. In the same year, she released her first vinyl "Od snu na jawęj".

Tom Skof/Tomasz Roszczybiuk - presents his work during audiovisual concerts, club events and as a multimedia producer during commercial events. The leitmotif of his work is the relationship between image and sound, as well as their interaction and connection. His projects are based on experimenting with mixing and live image generation. For 7 years, he has been co-creating the Soundscape Mirror audiovisual project together with Krzysztof Ostrowski | Freeze |. As part of the collective, they create audiovisual installations, concerts and interdisciplinary events. Currently, he is focusing on the exploration of generative visual forms.