Arianna Ancona „Sars Cov-2 Album rodzinny”

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In the last year, marked with the lack of contact and social distance, when commonly used gestures became forbidden, a new space emerged, a place for “an invisible guest”. This “new coronavirus” lingers by our side, appropriating our shared space, changing our habits, leaving a trace of its coexistence in everyone’s life. I looked for evidence of the presence of the “invisible” in the photographs of my family, trying to show the form of this absence in my life, looking at others and leaning over those affected by loss, to fill in this scrap torn from memory, from the course of my own history. The space we share becomes lost in a game of ambiguity and irony, like a vicious system in which, having failed to achieve balance, we are condemned to unstable isolation. SARS Cov 2 has made itself at home in our reality, and at the same time, we, the invaders of its territory, lose with apparent carelessness what remains of our memories.

Arianna Ancona „Sars Cov-2 Album rodzinny”
Arianna Ancona

Arianna Ancona (born in 1982 in Bari, Italy) is avisual artist, she uses photography, written communication and archives. The problems in question become a pretext for talking about the conditioning of the human being, its impact on our lives and its role increating stereotypes. In the artist’s creative process, historical events or celebrations of a folk nature become an eyewitness suggestion that allows for the interpretation of a place; creative enactments create new visions with the hope of exploring and discovering one’s role in the world, invariably reminding us that we all share the same bonds and come from the same roots. The artist studied photography and film production at F.project (Bari) and then obtained a diploma in “Management and Care of Archives of Architecture and Creators” at the MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. Some images from the series “SARS-COV-2 Family album” became part of a limited edition ofI talian postage stamps, MIKROS call, Rome 2020, Italy - collective photo book published by DoorFactory. “2072 km” author’s zine for 4 hands created with architect Renato Cagnetta, selected from CDP Zine short list, Rome 2019, Italy.“La quarta sponda” third winner of the Vintage Photo Festival 2018 competition, Poland. “Where the streets have no name” honourable mention at Environmental TIFA 2017, Japan. “On the turning away” shortlisted Artistic Concept at RovinjPhotodays 2017, Croatia.