Author's meeting

Author's meeting with Elżbieta Sieradzińska

12:00 p.m
Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Bydgoszczy
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We invite you to a meeting with Elżbieta Sieradzińska, author of the book Wanda Rutkiewicz. Jeszcze jeden szczyt.

Author's meeting with Elżbieta Sieradzińska

One of the most famous climbers in the world. An outstanding and troublesome figure: because of her uncontrollable personality, stubbornness and the pursuit of goals against all odds. The first Polish and European woman on Everest, the first woman to reach the mythical K2 summit. Adored by the audience and the media, tormenting the mountain environment with both her achievements and her unbridled appetite for reaching the highest peaks. An extraordinary woman, overwhelmed by passion, Wanda Rutkiewicz had a rich and complex personality, she was stubborn and constantly balanced on the verge of the pain of existence and the warmth of fame. And unknowingly she was heading for self-annihilation. Elżbieta Sieradzińska does not limit herself to talking to Polish climbers; She also reaches for unknown sources, including preserved fragments of the memories of the climber's mother, Maria Błaszkiewicz, which were to be published a few years after Wanda's disappearance. He also cites unknown and unpublished fragments of the accounts of the participants of the Dutch expedition who supported the Polish woman in the tragic events on Broad Peak in 1991. The events that may have influenced the mental condition of Wanda Rutkiewicz and the decisions she made in the last years of her life. The author also found pictures of Wanda Rutkiewicz that had not been published so far.