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Basia Budniak „Black Heart"

Rother's Mills
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„Black heart“ is a large photosensitive, multi-camera heart-shaped art object. It is heart-camera. Taken in a symbolic form, it refers to the emotions we have had to deal with recently, marked by a pandemic time. The flood of realistic photo documentation of that time only confirms our feeling stuck in one reality. I shift the perspective of the camera-eye towards the medium of the camera-heart, which is a double-edged sword. It hurts as much as it soothes, and the light-sensitivity of the hidden material inside each can is a matter of the process that takes place in us. Black heart was hung on 4th of July and hoisted down to the ground on 17th December 2020. It was exposed for exact 3984 hours, composing of 166 solar days, under 6 lunar cycles. Finally the black heart composed of 55 cans received from 40 individuals. I created in collaboration with Maja Luxenberg (Kasandra 44 / Radio Apokalipsa) sound and field recording to lesson to ––

Basia Budniak „Black Heart"
Basia Budniak

Basia Budniak studiedPolish philology at the Jagiellonian University and Photography at theUniversity of Arts in Poznań (BA) and now I study at the Film School in Lodz(MA). In my works, I tend to use traditional photographic techniques, focusingon the performative nature of the photographic image, its use and functioning. Shedirects attention to the experience of the process related to its formation,thus testing the medium itself, often undermining it. Recently, she has beenexploring human entanglement and the use of photography in the digital space.She is interested in the issues of portrait - face - body.