Basic techniques of preventive maintenance and digitization of photographs

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The topic of the workshop addresses the broader engagement with photo archive. The topics that will be covered during the workshop include: safe storage of photographic archives, forms of packing and unpacking of archival materials, types of packaging, wrappers, papers and other materials safe for archives. The process of digitization will constitute an important part of the workshop. It will be discussed how to select a scanner, how to scan, which file format to choose and how to store files.

Basic techniques of preventive maintenance and digitization of photographs

Maciej Turczyniak – since 2009 he is the leader of the digitization department of the Archeology of Photography Foundation. His experience includes the scanning photographic materials on various substrates, as well as digital image processing, including advanced retouching and reconstruction scans. He has participated in numerous trainings in the field of digitization organized by such institutions as the NAC or NINA. He has also been involved in common projects with the Botanical Garden or the Bęc Zmiana Foundation.

The Objectives of the Foundation are to make the heritage left behind by photographers accessible, to issue licenses for use of the photographs of researched authors, to initiate art and research projects on the basis of these archives, to digitize photographs and make them accessible via databases on-line, to archive and preserve negatives, positives and documents, to develop archiving standards for photographs.

Currently the Foundation conducts research into the photographs and documents of Zbigniew Dlubak, one of key figures in the post-war history of photography in Poland. We are also setting out to explore the archives of Zofia Chometowska, Maria Chrzaszczowa, Janusz Bakowski, Wojciech Zamecznik and Tadeusz Suminski.