Berta Ibanez „Cyanotype on Unconventional Supports”

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The workshop aims to introduce participants to the cyanotype technique throughout experimentation on different printing supports.

Berta Ibanez „Cyanotype on Unconventional Supports”
Berta Ibanez

Program of the workshop:
- Introduction – History of the technique, development and examples of the first usage
- Overview of the artist’s work, in which cyanotype was used
- Chemical preparation and imposition of the emulsion on an unconventional supports
- Preparation of the negatives (each participant will be able to prepare few negatives)
- Exposure of the works with sun rays and UV lamps
- Photography development
- Summary of the workshop

Participants who want to work with their own photographs, are requested to send their negatives before 23.09.2021.

Number of participants: 10
Duration of the workshop: 3,5h

Registration is required

e-mail address for registration:

Berta Ibáñez (born in 1964 in Guican, Colombia), studied at the School of Fine Arts at the National University. In Bogota she worked and exhibited with artist collectives and at the same time worked as a plastic art teacher in a high school. She moved to France in 2000. In the early years there she focused on graphic design and later on photography. Her work has been exhibited in collective shows for example in galleries in Athens, Budapest, Denver, Paris, Arles. It has also been published in art magazines such as The Hand (Kansas), Corpografías (Bogotá), Shots Magazine (St Paul, Minnesota), No Name Collective Art Magazine (London) and Tied To Light Art Gallery (London)