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Book meeting "Photo with Bear" Publishing House Oryginały

5:00 p.m
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In 2022, the white bear from Zakopane turns 100! On this occasion, the book "FOTO Z MISIEM" was published.Why are people so eager to photograph a white bear? What is mythical, magical, universal in it that everyone has a photo with it? Barbara Caillot and Aleksandra Karkowska from the Originals Publishing House are wondering. Intrigued, they followed the teddy bear. - Even the highlanders are afraid of the brown bear - they explain - they call him HIM in order not to say his name. And the white man standing in the street becomes human, we stop being afraid of him. The fact that he is white makes him unreal, because it is known that white does not live in the Tatras. The authors announced the appeal in social media, press, radio and television as well as through word of mouth. They asked to send photos of a white teddy bear from family albums. Over 1000 responded! The oldest ones were made in the early 1920s! The bear posed in Zakopane on Krupówki and Gubałówka, but also on the beach in Jurata, on the promenade in Ciechocinek or the Sopot pier. Often he was accompanied by sheepdogs, which were supposed to warm up the image of the bear. The variety of photos sent is surprising and amusing. The white bear has become a legend, myth, icon of pop culture. It connects all worlds, breaks down boundaries and social barriers. Thanks to the teddy bear everyone feels equal. Maybe today, in these uncertain times, we need a teddy bear to put our arm around us? Not dangerous, but a powerful and strong animal lord, to whom you can cuddle and pet. Meet the white bear! The project "Photo with a bear" received the Honorary Partnership of the City of Zakopane and was under the patronage of the Tatra Museum. Dr Tytus Chałubiński - in May 2022, the photo book "Foto z teddy" will be published, for which the authors selected unique photos from 100 years;

Book meeting "Photo with Bear" Publishing House Oryginały