Vintage Grand Prix Honourable Mention
Vintage Grand Prix

Celeste Ortiz "Petals on the skin"

Department Store "Jedynak"
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Honorary distinction in the Vintage Grand Prix 2019 competition.

Celeste Ortiz "Petals on  the skin"
Celeste Ortiz

This is a series of images made in 2018-2019. The author creates mainly self-portraits. However, in recent years, trying to broaden the subject of her work, she became interested in flowers. In the series "Petals on the skin" the author summarized human skin and flowers to present a deep combination of body and nature as a whole.

Celeste Ortiz - Chilean photographer dedicated mostly to self portraiture, exploring the concepts of intimacy, body, introspection, femininity and nature. She holds a diploma in digital photography, but later chose 35 mm and instant film as her tools of creation. Celeste's work has been exhibited, screened and published internationally.