Curatorial tour

Curatorial Tour of the Natalia LL Exhibition

Bydgoszcz Art Center
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"Only in the reality of art do we become authentically independent, free" - these words from Natalia LL's manifesto "Art and Freedom" (1987) have become the motto of the exhibition presented during the 7th edition of the International Festival of Analog Photography Lovers Vintage Photo Festival. How has freedom in art been sought by Natalia LL over the years? How were her works perceived at the time of their creation and how are they perceived by today's viewers? What made the young artist decide to bind her creative path with the medium of photography? We will talk about all this as part of a curatorial tour of the ART AND FREEDOM exhibition at the Bydgoszcz Art Centre on Saturday, 25 September at 12. 00. Dawid Lewandowski, Vice President of the Management Board of the ZW Foundation / Natalia LL Archive will talk about the artist's work.

Curatorial Tour of the Natalia LL Exhibition
Natalia LL, courtesy of ZW Foundation / Archive of Natalia LL

Dawid Lewandowski - a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Toruń, artist, author of critical texts on art and culture. He has been involved with the ZW Foundation and the Natalia LL Archive since its inception in 2018. His main area of interest is the use of new technologies, in particular social media, in art and art education.

ZW Foundation - an institution established in Toruń in 2018. Its primary focus is the collection and development of art, library and natural history collections. The Foundation is intended to be a place for the exchange of scientific ideas. Objects made available at temporary exhibitions abroad, at the Foundation's headquarters and, in the future, online, are intended to provide a basis for research, serve education and develop sensitivity to the world around us. One of the main goals of the foundation is to protect and conduct research on the artistic legacy of Natalia LL. The collected archive, consisting of the artist's works, manuscripts, art prints, objects, and publications no longer available on the market, makes it possible to conduct research on a higher scientific level.

Partner of the exhibition is ZW Foundation / Natalia LL Archive