Emilia Martin, "The blue of the far distance"

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"The blue of the far distance" is a long term research into the topic of human relationship with the starry night sky in times marked by light pollution. Throughout her research and making processes Emilia visited amateur observatories where light pollution was too strong to see anything in the sky above, hand crafted planetariums built in the intimate settings of living rooms, farms, sheds. Inspired by the notion of hand crafted skies Emilia weaves different universes, building a hopeful speculation. "The blue of the far distance" is a place of positive escape accessible and democratically available, a constellation of stargazers, of darknesses and surreal landscapes, of ancient orreries and universes in human scales, a clash between mundane and sublime.

Emilia Martin, "The blue of the far distance"

Emilia Martin is an artist passionate about storytelling and myths, primarily working with media of photography, sound and writing.

She grew up between two radically different realities: her grandmother's remote, rural farm filled with ancient myths and magic in Eastern Poland, and her hometown, Silesia – a heavy industry coal mining region in the Western Poland marked by extractivism and patriarchy. A clash between these two realities formed a place which continues to nurture her artistic practice. Emilia’s work explores the power of speculation and reimagining the realities we inhabit.

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