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Ewa Pawlus „Pamięć/Remebrance”

Rother's Mills
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REMEMBRANCE. Ability to absorb, store and reproduce life experiences. Represents permament storage for encoded memory traces of unlimitted capacity. As times goes by, due to normal metabolic processes, disintegration occurs in the brain, and it results in the complete loss of the stored material. "Memory" is a series of eight black and white photographs, taken on 35mm negative film. By the variety of manipulations, experiments and intentional degradation of photosensitive material, I am trying to illustrate the way human memory functions, including all the processes which take place in human brain. Vestigial images, disintegration and degradation, suppression, mind gaps filled with illusions, but also the way our memories are personalised and idealised have become the subcject of my interest.

Ewa Pawlus „Pamięć/Remebrance”
Ewa Pawlus

Ewa Pawlus born in Kraków, where she currently lives and works. Veterinarian and a passionate photographer. In 2021, she graduated from the School of Creative Photography belonging to the Krakow Art Schools, where she received her diploma creating a series entitled "Memory", using the traditional photography techinques and experiment. Participant of individual and collective exhibitions, awarded in photo competitions. She works almost exclusively in traditional photography, devoting a lot of attention to the processes of processing photographic materials in the darkroom. Interested in alternative and experimental photography and historical techniques, mainly cyanotype.