Experience the Origins of photography inside Camera Obscura

Mill Island
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Experience of ‘Being Inside the Camera Obscura- an simple antiquarian device- a magic box, a walk-in photographic camera – essentially a darkened room, into which the outside light is allowed through the small aperture, and is projected upside down and reverse on the wall opposite. The power of light filling softly the room- alluding to the origins of photography. Participants explore the magic of science behind simple device of Camera Obscura. Number of participants: 10-12 Duration of the workshop: 3 h Registration is required e-mail address for registration: Workshop is mainly intended for the youngest participants, it’s also an excellent form of spending family time.

Experience the Origins of photography inside Camera Obscura

Moving Camera is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting art and culture, education andtolerance in all areas of culture. This purpose is realized primarily through workshops on the boat"Moving Camera". This is a walk-in camera obscura, which is intended to convey the functioning ofthe analogue camera in the sense of a vividly comprehensible experience