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Giuseppe Sannino „Reminiscence”

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Reminiscence is a series of photographs created during the last ten years of experimenting with 19th century photographs with the wet plate collodion process. The project shows the connections between old family photographs and original photographs taken on the same medium. In addition to contemporary originals made on a wet plate, the artist also presented works that were made with a use of 35 mm film in the place where the above-mentioned archival photos were taken. Women from family photos have become symbols of the past, present and future. future. Their portraits,old and new, are a constant reminder of a feeling of something distant and nostalgic. The cycle shows duality of vision, of a split nationality, of divided families and of the past and the present.

Giuseppe Sannino „Reminiscence”
Giuseppe Sannino

Giuseppe Sannino (born 14th of February, 1987 in Naples) is a self-taught artist. During his stay in Barcelona he was a part of a small artistic collective. He was engaged in different photography techniques, among others wet plate collodion processes. He was also a photography teacher, darkroom technician, founder and leader of the study group of Fotogalleriet Format in Malmo.