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Iwona Germanek "Reminiscences. Blue Chlorophyll"

Department Store "Jedynak"
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Chlorophyll is photosensitive. Otherwise, it would not keep the plant alive. The same goes for photography. Without the light it could not feed the memory.

Iwona Germanek "Reminiscences. Blue Chlorophyll"
Iwona Germanek

Reminiscences is a project based on cyanotype. First four works in this cycle are a kind of installation –photographs acquired from family album of the author of the series , mounted on the cyanotype on canvas (60x100cm). They tell  the  story  of  the  artist's  grandmother,  which  loved  to  sew  and  embroider.  Usage  of  a  fabric seemed most relevant. Another five works are cyanotypes on watercolor paper (50x80cm). The author recalls how, together with her mother, she prepared paper flowers for All Saints, which she dipped in hot wax. House filled with a scent of a candle on that occasion. Repeating a gesture from her childhood,she exposed the plants directly on the paper and then poured wax on them. She wanted to enclose in that story her mother and grandmother, who passed away shortly after giving  birth  to  her  daughter.  All  that’s  left  after  her  are  the  photographs  and  tablecloths  with beautiful embroidery. Her mom never met her.

Iwona Germanek graduated from fotoedukacja in Katowice and AFA School of Photography in Wrocław. Member of the Society of Polish Photography Artists (ZPAF). Currently, studying at the Silesian University of Opava, as well as teaching in MDK Łaziska Górne, where the Alternative Photography  studio  was  created  on  her  initiative.  She  led  workshops  in  TIF  Centre  in  Wrocław (collodion  process)  as  well  as  in  Basic  Vocational  School  in  Racibórz  (collodion  process, cyanotype).  Participant  of  many exhibitions,  i.e.  Festival  of  alternative  and  old  photography techniques.