Vintage Grand Prix Honourable Mention

Iwona Suszycka, "No Algorithm"

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Who Am I? I’ve been asking myself this question all my adult life. It was written in my pedigree to be a strict scientific mind and behave as such. Right from the start, I have been dressed in a well-tested family algorithm. There was no room for my own decisions. This code, worked out to perfection by generations of mathematicians, was to last unchanged for centuries. The flow had to work flawlessly. Start-Stop. Processing complete, time for the next generation of… mathematicians. Thanks to this, I understand well what a person trapped in an identity imposed by others experiences, who breaks out of it and discovers, by all possible methods... the real self. The „No Algorithm” cycle is a multithreaded story built on my own self-portraits. Giving it this common denominator, I mark my subjective and emotional attitude to the form of presenting this material. This is my biography. Each presented character in these images, awards that part of me that did not fit into the archetype of a respective and serious mathematician. And yet, secretly, I created them within me. By creating this material, I give myself permission to openly be myself. A mistake in someone else's algorithm. The presented material was created with the use of mixed techniques (archival photographs, also from family archives, re-photographing, setup staging/self-performance photography). The Bronze VanDyke technique used portrays my, (after all) bond with theancestral past. The same one that imposed and expected me to live the... algorithm.

Iwona Suszycka, "No Algorithm"

Iwona Suszycka

Born 1975 in Warsaw. A graduate of the Computer Science Dept at George Mason University, USA and WIT under the auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

The medium of photography has been an inseparable part of her everyday life since the age of 17. She graduated with honours from the Warsaw Academy of Photography. Currently a student of the diploma year of the ZPAF Photography Studium at the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) in Warsaw.

She practices creative rather than documenting photography, hence the subjective and emotional nature of her artistic projects. In the creative process, he raises psychological and social issues. He experiments with many forms, reaching e.g. to composite, collage, instant, digital and analog photography, as well as 19th-century alternative techniques.

Her works characterizes self-performance. Often related to as fraudish photography.

She has won recognition in local and international competitions, e.g. Julia Margaret Cameron Awards - Fotonostrum in the 17th, 18th and 19th editions, respectively.

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