"Ja kinuję"

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"Ja kinuję" is a unique film material gathering fragments of Zofia Chomętowska's films from the late 1920s, revealing details from the private life of the artist, her family and friends.

"Ja kinuję"

This is a unique 25-minute editing according to the concept of Karolina Puchała-Rojek with literary commentary by Mikołaj Łoziński and the music of Kapela z Wieś Warszawa. This material, like the very fact of filming by Chomętowska, remained unknown, although this most interesting Polish photographer of the first half of the 20th century at the exhibition in Poznań in 1929 made her debut not with a photo show, but with a film. The atypical Pathé Baby tape with perforation inside, digitized and assembled at the initiative of the Archeology of Photography Foundation, reveals phenomenal and unique on a Polish scale photos from the private life of Chomętowska, from Porochońska - her place of birth, from Królikarnia, Venice and Tunisia. Next to Chomętowska herself, her husband Jakub (probably also the author of many shots), Izabella Radziwiłł, general Carton de Wiart, Jadwiga Tereszczenko, Józef Haller, Michał Pawlikowski and many other famous people appear on the tape.