Vintage Grand Prix Honourable Mention
Vintage Grand Prix

Joanna Borowiec "Double"

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Honorary distinction in the Vintage Grand Prix 2017 competition.

Joanna Borowiec "Double"
Joanna Borowiec

A series of portraits "yesterday and today".

I wanted to show the transfer in time and the changes taking place in a man after a few, several and several dozen years. Changes not only in appearance but also in the personality and life of an individual person. The lines symbolize the tear between what was and what is.

The skin is our bodily coating between what is spiritual, deep and material in us. This body is seen as a human body that undergoes biological processes as well as social phenomena.

It is also a personal sentimental journey, stopping and bending over what is important in life.

Tearing also has a spiritual dimension (..)

My goal was not to perfectly match parts of the face, individual shortcomings are conscious, metaphorically refer to human imperfections, volatility and impermanence. (..)

Creation of works:

Each photo has been prepared by hand.

For better quality and resolution, the photo of the "past" was photographed again and made a print.

Photo "present" was created at the turn of 2013/2014, then I made a print.

Two photos were torn, combined elements and stuck on the paper.

Classic technique.

Joanna Borowiec, a graduate of the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw, diploma thesis in the Creative and Expressive.
Photography Workshop. Enthusiast of medium- and large-format analogue photography. Uses historic photographic processes like ambrotype – wet collodion technique, cyanotype e.c.t. Member of the Association of Polish Art. Photographers (ZPAF).

The main topic of her photos is humanistic photography, human. She has participated in individual and collective exhibitions at home and abroad, i.a. in Poland, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Canada, USA.