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Joanna Chudy „Oblivion. Hidden Identity”

Rother's Mills
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The Oblivion. Hidden Identity series allows me to go back to a theme related to the human condition. The titular reference to oblivion indicates an unnatural state. Treating it as a factor of human weakness, as a type of amnesia involving a loss of memory in relation to events, is a pretext for utilising archival images. Images from my memory, but not only mine. The clash between the past and the present is the main focus of the series. This view spanning several generations reveals the history of the southern part of the country, which is culturally and socially diverse, and rich in various traditions and experiences. A rather complicated history because it is connected with a difficult period of time. The series consists of over a dozen photographs of various sizes, in both black-and-white, accompanied by a publication and multimedia activities. It begins with an already familiar image of a piece of fabric that I deliberately deconstruct. I draw back the curtain, allowing a character to enter. I reveal an image of Podhale. A picture by Bruegel appears, painted on white snow – a multi-faceted image in terms of both form and content. An image that conveys the story of many people, but draws the viewer's eye to one figure, that of a woman. An athletic person, crossing a road that is somehow historically important, who is discovering the history of her identity, discovering herself.

Joanna Chudy „Oblivion. Hidden Identity”
Joanna Chudy

Joanna Chudy is a graduateof the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (2002) and the College of Photography atthe National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź (2009). In2013, awarded a doctoral degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Authorof 20 individual photographic exhibitions. Participant in 40 group exhibitionsin Poland and abroad, including in Paris, Berlin and Sophia. Engaged increative photography within the stream of black-and-white classic photography.Conducted lessons on portrait photography at the Film School in Łódź. Winner ofawards and distinctions in national and international competitions.