Vintage Grand Prix II Place
Vintage Grand Prix

Karol Szymkowiak "C’è sempre un tango"

Department Store "Jedynak"
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Winner of the second place in the Vintage Grand Prix 2019 competition.

Karol Szymkowiak "C’è sempre un tango"
Karol Szymkowiak

The events captured in a series of photos, depict Władysław the artist's grandfather who is passionate about music. The presented events happen at two levels, in two different spaces. In the space of his apartment and in the space of his memories that are somehow trapped there. The apartment and the collected items become the background for the memories. Photos from Władysław archives are visual carriers of his memories. The title of this series is one of the tangos found in the Władysław old musicals notations. C’è sempre un tango means there is always a tango and it refers to memories.

Karol Szymkowiak (born in 1983) photographer and cultural animator. Menber of the ZAPF and Fotspot. Curator of the Września Collection. As a photographer, he participated in several group exhibitions for example: Explorations. Between science and topography – 9th Biennale of Photography in Poznań; A Process – Augsburg; A Process 2.0 – Photomonth in Krakow; Eastreet 2 – Lublin; Eastreet 3 – Lublin; Eastreet 4 – Lublin; 6th Leica Street Photo – Warsaw.