Katarzyna Głowacka "The Warriors"

Parzymy Tutaj
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The Warriors project was created in response to the times we live in, in which everyone must or wants to become a warrior, fighting for their rights. It is also about the compulsion to belong to a certain formation or social group with which we must then identify. So I reached back to antiquity, when as part of certain rituals or following pragmatic motives, both men and women began to paint their faces. Mainly for military reasons, to scare the enemy away or for ritualistic reasons related to traditional beliefs. Currently, face painting has become commonplace. Everyone paints their face - women, men, to look better, cover imperfections, hide their emotions or identify with someone or a certain group of people. Everyone becomes a warrior, which we often do not know ourselves.

Katarzyna Głowacka "The Warriors"
Katarzyna Głowacka

Katarzyna Głowacka (born 1995, Zakopane, Poland) is a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014-2019). He deals with photography, video installation and graphic design. She is the author of the following exhibitions: Spain, Warsaw 2018 and Coming Out, Warsaw 2019. In the years 2016-2017 she was an intern at the Teatr Studio in Warsaw and at the Abside Marketing and Design graphic studio in Avilés, Spain in 2018.