Katarzyna Grys and Piotr Gutkowski "RetroPortret the Bydgoszcz residents"

Weranda Cafe
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The works presented at the exhibition were taken on July 14. 2019, during at the photo shoot RetroPortret the Bydgoszcz residents at the Park Kazimierza Wielkiego in Bydgoszcz, Weranda restaurant and hotel Bohema. The shown photos are a sentimental journey to the interwar period. Used costumes, accessories and props have moved contemporary people to a city that is no longer there. It only lives in the memories and albums of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Katarzyna Grys and Piotr Gutkowski "RetroPortret the Bydgoszcz residents"

The authors of the exhibition were keen to recreate the portraits of Bydgoszcz residents from before a hundred years. The photographs were taken with two different techniques that were combined in to formally coherent picture. The photos taken by Katarzyna Grys using digital camera have been stylized to resemble pre-war photography. While Piotr Gutkowski immortalized his painting son glass plates with a large format camera in the wet collodion technique. Prints on metal refer to the oldest photographic technique - daguerreotype.