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Katarzyna Kryńska "Silence of the Heart"

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Over the centuries it has been accepted that what is feminine is usually gentle, delicate and submissive, but somewhere deep inside lies power, darkness and mystery. Frustrated due to upbringing, religious beliefs, place of birth, and duplication behaviors learned from home, they could not grow freely. Referring to the experiences of many women shaped by tradition, formed in the name of culture and authority, I show how easy it is to lose a bond with one's own nature.

Katarzyna Kryńska "Silence of the Heart"
Katarzyna Kryńska

Without knowing yourself, you can easily succumb to an attitude of passivity and narrow-minded views set by religious dogmas and strong personalities. But in this numbness, under the layer of other people's ideas flows the power and potential of previous generations. In the symbolism of birds, the author finds this potential which has not been destroyed. Birds identified with wisdom, protection  and  danger  in  fairy  tales  and  beliefs  helped  to  make  contact  with  the  afterlife  or heralded  upcoming  events.  Different  species  were assigned  to  different  meanings.  Predatory eagles  and  falcons  were  compared  with  gods,  warriors  and  shamans  due  to  their  strength, powerful claws and sharp beaks. They symbolized a free spirit or fearless leader. Owls caused fear  and  dark  references  due  to their  noiseless  flight  and  night  activity.  Their  gaze  penetrating darkness  gave  them  the  ability  of  the  prophets  and  the  power  of  all-seeing.  Dark  plumage  and hoarse sounds of ravens, crows brought announcements of misfortune, mourning and seclusion. They also depicted omniscience and memory, which is why they were identified with witches.

In her project, the artist combines these associations with the images of women of her family. The works constitute an important element in the search for one's own identity. Cyanotype portraits, canvas panels and a sculpture by her daughter Zuzanna Kryńska create an open space of contact with the self and family ties. The potential of previous generations and the strength that lies within it become a support –not a burden, a resource –not a lack. Just listen to the Silence of the Heart.

Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska (Warsaw,  Poland) is an architect,  designer  and  photographer.  PhD  in photography. Belongs to the Association of Polish Artists Photographers. Her photographs have been  shown  in  numerous  individual  and  collective  exhibitions  in  Poland,  Ireland,  Portugal, Holland,  Germany  and  US.  She  specializes  in  emotional  photography,  portraits  and  fine  art photography,  using  traditional  and  alternative  photography. Winner  of  the  5th  Annual  Black  & White  Spider  Awards  photo  competition  in  the  Still  Life  category,  the  9th  Annual  International Color Award and Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Her works from series Between Two Moons in the wet collodion technique took first place in the Wet Plate Competition Canada. Enthusiast of analogue photography, works with photosensitive materials.