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Kate NganWa Ao "Where will they live"

6:00 p.m
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The photos in this project are positive slides from the post-second war period, around the 50s till the 60s in Poland; I bought them in local flea markets and reworked them with high temperatures. This series of photographs were done before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Coincidentally, the visuality of my project gives me an abstract resemblance to the photographs on the news about the war every day in Ukraine. The bomb, the burning, the destruction, the distortion, the innocence, the children, the home, the ordinary people, the everyday life...By looking at these series of photographs, I can not tell if they are coming from a post-war period in the 50s or 2022, I can’t tell which era we are experiencing and facing anymore, and I can’t tell if history repeats itself or photography. It all just seems like a painful, endless slow-motion film reviewing the moment of collapse, again and again.

Kate NganWa Ao "Where will they live"

Ngan Wa Ao (Kate), a native of Macao, Kate has lived in Taiwan, the US, and various European countries. She finished her B.A. and M.A. in Photography at the University of the Arts Poznan, Poland. Her artworks are often inspired by her childhood memories, gender roles, feminism, racial identity, and human conflicts with nature, etc. Her works have been presented in various countries and cities, including Poland, Greece, France, Slovakia, Taiwan, and Macau.