Maciej Szupica & DJ SZUM

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Maciej Szupica (born 8th of december 1975 in Białystok) is a graphic artist, video artist, director, sculptor, photographer and stage designer. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the Faculty of Sculpture. For many years lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Gdansk and the University of Gdansk. Co-founder of the InterferenceFestival of Visual Communication in Gdańsk. Co-executive producer and author of various music and multimedia projects. He participated in several of them on a permanent basis (including Skand 21, Uniform, Dick4Dick) realizing works in the field of graphics, painting, poster, film, video, performance, photography, interactive installations, stage design. Author of several dozen music videos for Polish and foreign artists. He has collaborated with such artists as Natalia Przybysz, Organek, Bisz, Ten Typ Mes, Gaba Kulka.

Maciej Szupica & DJ SZUM

DJ SZUM (Szum & Fykes / RDKillers / Pink Bazooka). On the club scene he is known as a DJ, musician, producer, publisher, promoter and organizer of recognized club cycles and audiovisual events. Member of Radical Dancefloor Killers, PinkBazooka, Bauagan, Primitivo, Dysmorphophobia, Weiss, Two Stupid Dogz. Currently he is co-creating a duo Szum & Fykes, preparing material for the next album. A rich publishing output and several years of experience gained on the music scene in the country and abroad translate into the reaction of the audience during his live sets. He has performed at prestigious festivals such as Open'er, Summer OfMusic, Interference, Malta, CocArt Festival, and in 2016 he closed the Audioriver Festival stage with the RDKillers collective and the Weiss live project. Known for organizing cycles: ESVW, Pop And Splash!, Surfing Pussy Party, basement Placement, DobryWieczór!, Tsunami, Heca. He has shared the stage with 4Kuba, Alex Metric, Brodinski, C2C, Cobra Killer, Crystal Castles, Danger, Dat Politics, DirtyPrincess, Ella Eyre, among others.