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Magdalena Warzecha „Nature's intimacy”

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Nature’s intimacy“ is a set of photographs of plants composed in abstract forms. They are prepared using heliogravure, which is one of the very first printmaking techniques. Photographs show flowers at different stages of their life cycle, some of them blooming, then starting to dry and finally dying. Photogravure is a step back to the historical printmaking techniques and an escape from today’s digital world. It was also an attempt to learn how to be patient and concentrated on your work, maybe even a kind of meditation dictated by the complex and time-consuming process. Photogravure is one of the noble photography techniques and one of the first methods of intaglio printmaking. At first it was used as a solution to technological problems with photographic image printing. Over time it started to gain popularity owing to its esthetic value. Photogravure also led to a new turn in the perception of photography and was considered an outright tool in the world of art. Photographic and graphic natures tone in with each other in this technique in an exceptional and inimitable way. Without any doubt heliogravure is driven by noble spirit, which has a value in its own right. NATURE’S INTIMACY consists of 12 heliogravures.

Magdalena Warzecha „Nature's intimacy”
Magdalena Warzecha

Magdalena Warzecha was born in Starachowice, Poland, in 1993. In 2017 she graduated from theFaculty of Art, Pedagogical University of Cracow (Design graphics andmultimedia), Poland, and École supérieure d’art des Pyrénées, France. Currentlyshe is focused on artistic and digital printing, photography, noble techniquesas well as print and web design. She was awarded several prizes for herartistic work. She is an author of three individual exhibitions and took partin many group exhibitions.