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Marcelo Aragonese "Threads and light"

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“Threads and light” encourage the original photograph to be read twice, taking into account the reflection of the new landscape. The interference of the colors of the embroidery and the fabric allows, along with the direct image of the photographic record, to infer an idea, desire, illusion. “Threads and light” is a photographic project that combines analog photography with textile interference. It is a project of similar, analog photographs printed on canvas using the sublimation technique. The images are then hand embroidered and hemmed with fabrics that add color to black and white photographs. They tell about a journey through different stages of life, family memories, as well as stages of social events in Chile, such as poverty, living conditions of the population, changes in time, migration, etc. Socio-economic, political and environmental conflicts that led to the social outbreak at the end 2019 and which will last in 2020. The complex situation that divides Chilean society is the main motivation to see the direct message of the photo, aimed at highlighting and creating an atmosphere that includes the meaning and concept of the image.

Marcelo Aragonese "Threads and light"
Marcelo Aragonese

Marcelo Aragonese (Santiago,  Chile)  is  a  freelance  photographer.  He  studied  journalistic photography, and he learned about 19th century photographic emulsions. He performs his works mainly  in  analogue  technique.  The  artist  has  run  various  analogue  and  pinhole  photography workshops. Some of his works have been exhibited in Latin America and Europe, taking part in contests and international photography exhibitions.