Marek Noniewicz "Pencil of light"

11:00 p.m
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This is a configuration of a series of photographs created in the years 2001 - 2018. Their common denominator is the anchoring in materiality, the origin of which dates back to the 16th century alchemy - analog photography. The process and transformations are the basic elements that give them shape and which find their continuity in non-photographic reality, because form is always a transitional state. Guided by my intuition, I register the places where the products of human activity succumb to entropy, are in a state of constant transformation. These are also places that I simply like, filled with the echoes of past presences and activities, seemingly dead but only appearances, the delicate tissue of reality is constantly changing.

Marek Noniewicz "Pencil of light"

Marek Noniewicz - Born 71, resides in Bydgoszcz. A visual artist popularizing 19th century photographic techniques, in his work I mainly deal with photography, sometimes reaching for installation, actions in urban space or performance. About his work he says: "The area of my activity is mainly photography, although more often I think I am interested in light. I am convinced that the way of recording reflects the process of thinking about the image and its reception; hence, I more often reach for historical and experimental techniques, or ephemeral forms of recording; treating them as a kind of key to the language of nature. The irreversibility and constant transformation of silver processes, are somehow identical to the changeability of the natural world. What I try to record is the course of these changes. In cultural education projects, I often use the potential of photography as a creative tool in building participants' self-esteem. Reaching out to historical techniques and alternative uses of light-sensitive materials, I try to develop participants' sensitivity to the surrounding world, equipping them with the skills to use the contemporary visual alphabet in building their own narratives." He has worked on numerous educational projects, the most important of which are: "The World" - photography workshops for children from post-state farm villages in cooperation with the Association for the Development of Krzywa and Jasionka Societies, and the CZARNE Publishing House(2002), "Summer in the theater" - photography and staging workshops as part of a project implemented by the Z. Raszewski Theater Institute (Gostycyn2014, Borne Sulinowo 2015,2018), "Look In the Darkness" - integrative theater and photography workshops as part of the Very Young Culture program ( Bydgoszcz2016). Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Mayor of Bydgoszcz.

The curator of the exhibition is Ornichtt