Monika Borzym

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A charismatic vocalist born in Warsaw in1990. She released 4 solo records. She graduated from the school of music, in the piano class, with honours, and then started studying jazz vocalism in the famous school in Bednarska Street in Warsaw. Going overseas and studying at the John Hersey High School confirmed that her career path is singing jazz. Persuaded by her friends and teachers, she participated in many festivals and competitions, winning awards and acquiring crucial professional experience. A breakthrough in her education was the scholarship at the University of Miami Frost School of Music in 2008. Two years later she was granted another scholarship at the LA Music Academy, where she was studying, while supervised by outstanding artists, especially Tierney Sutton (8Grammy nominations) and Dorian Holley (Michael Jackson, The Tonight Show). Her music career started with a performance in the Congress Hall at the Jazz Jamboree Festival in 2009, invited by Michał Urbaniak. Back then she was 19. Her daring performance brought down the house;it was then when she was offered her first record contract (Sony Music). Her debut record “Girl Talk” recorded in New York and released by Matt Pierson, played by back-then-20-year-old Monika’s dream musicians; the four-time-Grammy-winner Gil Goldstein, Aaron Parks, Eric Harland, Larry Grenadier… immediately got covered with platinum. In 2013 “My Place” was released, made up of the original pieces composed together with her friend, pianist Mariusz Obijalski. Again, the record was produced by Matt Pierson, and the invitation for cooperation was accepted by John Scofield, Chris Potter, Randy Brecker, Larry Campbell, Kenny Wollesen and Tony Scherr. The record got the platinum status.

Monika Borzym

 “Back to the Garden” (AGORA, 2016) includes interpretations of the early compositions of cult Canadian artist Joni Mitchell. It is Monika’s favourite record, with the Californian, Mitchell Long, (Melody Gardot, Waldemar Bastos), Robert Kubiszyn (Anna Maria Jopek, Gregoire Maret), Michał Bryndal (Voo Voo) and viola player Michał Zaborski (Atom String Quartet) playing.

A few months later Monika was invited by the Warsaw Uprising Museum to create a record inspired by the works of poet Anna Świrszczyńska. The compositions for the poems, extremely powerful, referring to the topic of the Uprising, femininity, lustfulness and human power, were created by Mariusz Obijalski. The record includes the performance by e.g. John Scofield, Sebastian Studnitzky and Robert Kubiszyn.

Monika is open to various music genres. Frequently she is a guest performing with various artists. She was singing on afew records Tego Typu Mesa, she was singing on the record “Wasowski odnaleziony” under the music supervision of K. Herdzin. She takes part in the project Albo Inaczej by Alkopoligamia record label. She writes songs for other artists.

She studies psychosexology, which, next tomusic, has become her huge passion and a life challenge.

In March 2018 there was held a premiere concert of her new project Radioheadycznie arranged by Nikola Kołodziejczyk, filling in Theatre Syrena twice. The preparations for releasing the album with that material are in progress.