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Moving Camera obscura

Mill Island
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Experience of ‘Being Inside the Camera Obscura- a simple antiquarian device- a magic box, a walk-in photographic camera – essentially a darkened room, into which the outside light is allowed through the small aperture, and is projected upside down and reverse on the wall opposite. The power of light filling softly the room- alluding to the origins of photography. Participants explore the magic of science behind simple device of Camera Obscura. The Workshop will begin with an introduction to the origins of photography, explaining how an image of the outside world is displayed on the screen inside the boat, with a short quiz about the optics and physics of Camera Obscura. After Introduction of how the photographic camera works, they are given a sheets of B&W photographic paper, which they use to form the grid of photo sensitive material. After the exposure is made, each participant proceeds to develop the print using prepared chemistries. Moving Camera is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting art and culture, education and tolerance in all areas of culture. This purpose is realized primarily through workshops on the boat "Moving Camera". This is a walk-in camera obscura, which is intended to convey the functioning of the analogue camera in the sense of a vividly comprehensible experience.

Moving Camera obscura

Maciej Markowicz is traveling in his Camera Obscura boat from Berlin to Bydgoszcz for Vintage Photo Festival.

He will travel through Berlin on the Spree River, Dahme river towards east and vie Spree-Oder Canal he is planning to get thought to Oder river, which should carry him up until Kostrzyn where he will face the Warta River and their currents, after that he will cruise through river Noteć and Canal Bydgoski until he reaches Bydgoszcz. From Berlin to Bydgoszcz it's 550 km via waterways, the trip, if everything goes well, should take Markowicz 2 weeks.

Camera Obscura Boat will be open during the festival to visit from September 18-24 (opening hours to be confirmed), there are also plans for river tours inside Camera Obscura boat which is a unique experience and must be seen.

You can follow artist journey @maciejmarkowicz