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Nahid Rezashateri „The wind will carry us”

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The project entitled "The Wind Will Carry Us" is a series combining analogue and archival photography with elements of graphics and collage with floral motifs. The works are a tribute to the artistic group "Yellow Flowers", with which the artist was associated in her youth. The association originated in Iran, and its members often girdled their hair with small yellow flowers that were gathered in the meadows. In this way, Nahid travels backwards in her memories, recreating the plot, the faces, the space, and the moments that, over time, have taken on a new form in her thoughts, have become distant. For her, the title "wind" is a symbol of growing up and the constant changes that occurred in her life.

Nahid Rezashateri „The wind will carry us”
Nahid Rezashateri

Nahid Rezashateri studied at the Department of Graphic Design at Sharood University, Iran. For about two years she attended the "Yellow Flowers" group formed by students (Gol-e-zard زرد گل ). She has also worked for an Iranian newspaper and advertising magazine as a Grafic Designer. She was the director of the Sharood Cultural Office art collective, which designed short films and animations. In 2018 she founded the collective SARAB with Gianluca Ceccarini, which works on photographic projects, visual anthropology, short films and media art works, with a particular focus on themes of identity, memory and landscape as a cultural process.