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Paz Olivares Droguett "Volver/Nest"

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This is the story of a return. The daily record of a transformation. The house that my grandparents built little by little became ours. This entire project was recorded with an analog camera. A pentax honeywell spotmatic F. Most of the photographs were taken with the 35 mm 1.9 lens and some with a 50 mm 1.4 lens. This project documents the return to my native country with the family that I formed when I emigrated and became a record of our early years as parents, with all the adaptations, doubts and changes that these imply. This new stage of life also changed our social relationships and forced us to spend most of our time at home since we are both independent workers. When the quarantine started we had been parents again a month and a half ago. Going through a pandemic in the middle of an experience as total as becoming parents a second time has made us modify our normality and projections for the future. Also in this context where most of the world remains at home, the meaning and importance of intimate space has a value that was not previously given.

Paz Olivares Droguett "Volver/Nest"
Paz Olivares Droguett

Paz Olivares Droguett (born in  1986 in  Valparaíso, Chile) is a photographer and portraitist, her work focuses on intimacy. She was selected for the Women Photograph Workshop 2019. She is member of Migrar photo a collective from Chile and Ruda a Latin American female photographers collective, and we are currently working on a documentation in eleven countries of the food chain in our region, funded by National Geographic society and Meedan Covid-19 Grant.