Peter Bjerg „How I see you together”

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How I See You Together is a series of photographs depicting couples. The artist carefully observes people, their facial expressions, faces, posture and movement. He documents their presence in a given place and time. It is the immortalization of the image and behavior of people that fascinates the artist the most. The series of photographs visually shows the belonging and affection between two people. It is evidenced by numerous gestures, positions, touches and expressions. Often they present themselves naturally in front of the camera, emphasizing their closeness, at other times they create a distance, maintaining the mystery and intimacy. The series "How I See You Together" captures the beauty and diversity of this powerful feeling, which is love.

Peter Bjerg „How I see you together”
Peter Bjerg

Peter Bjerg, born in 1966 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Peter learned black and white analog photography as a child in the 1970s, attending weekly classes at school. Later in life, to pay for college, he stood on the other side of the camera as a model in New York City, working with amazing photographers. Four years ago, Peter decided to spend more time with photography and made the decision to change his life and career to become a professional photographer, which in a way has worked out for him. He loves taking portraits, especially with analog cameras, but he says that the pictures are not really important, the people are important. Peter lives in Copenhagen and is part of the vibrant analog community in his hometown.

He teaches "creative photography" to young people and runs workshops on analogue photography and sustainability. Besides photography, he works with participatory democracy and social innovation. Exhibitions: 2021- Photo from the series "Majas Mirror" exhibited at the International Festival of Photography in Chania, Crete, Greece, by Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece), Portrait selected as "Editors Pick of Early entries" at the Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2021, Part of a group exhibition, "Personality: Contemporary Portraiture" at PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. 2020, 2019- Guest artist and workshop teacher at Vintage Photo Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland. 2017- Solo Exhibition "Portraits made here" at Pavilion 11, Copenhagen.

Peters' work and blog can be seen at www.peterbjerg.dk.