Photocollage "The World Upside Down"



What can we do with old photos? Porcelain, cut-out, paperboard! Because everything is possible on photo collage!

Photocollage "The World Upside Down"
Hekla Studio

The tigers dance the waltz, and people walk unhurriedly on the moon. During the workshops, the participants will create photo collages from specially prepared elements: photography of animals, plants, wonders of the world, illustrations from the world of technology and science. Kids will illustrate randomly selected slogans to create their worlds upside down: in space, among sea depths or in an amusement park. We provide all the materials needed.

Art workshops for children aged 8 —12.

Hekla Studio is two artists — Paulina Oknińska and Monika Proniewska. Paulina is associated with the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Monika is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, studied graphics at the Paris École des Arts Décoratifs, and completed post-graduate studies in graphic design at EINA, Center Universitari de Dissena and Art in Barcelona. Studio Helka is involved in designing various types of prints (posters, books, art books, covers) and illustrations. Hekla’s works were published in following magazines: “KukBuk”, “Zwykłe Życie”, “g’rls ROOM”, “Non / fiction — journalist’s irregularity”. In the design work, Hekla Studio uses a variety of plastic techniques using paper: collage, hand-drawn patterns, painted shapes. Privately, fascinated by Japanese books, vegetation and “searched” photo archives.