Photography workshops in cooperation with Fujifilm led by Wiktor Franko

11:00 a.m
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We invite you to the portrait photography workshop where Wiktor Franko will tell about the methods of his work in such specific conditions as studio photos with natural and artificial light in such a way as to achieve a vintage effect in the photos. He will show how to achieve the desired results, how to prepare for each session, how to gather the right team and how to cooperate with them. He will introduce usto the process of creating selected photo sessions. During the workshop wewill learn how to work with a model - about the approach and working together on the set. He will focus on why, in most cases, minimalism and economy of form are better than glamor and overload in photography. How to make a strong minimalist portrait and how to make a consistent series of photos. Where to look for inspiration and what elements can change our photography. About goals worth setting to change our approach to photography. During the workshop, we will work on Instaxes and Fujifilm X series cameras, using them in such a way as to achieve effects as close as possible to vintage analog photography.

Photography workshops in cooperation with Fujifilm led by Wiktor Franko

Wiktor Franko - born in 1983. For 14 years he has been involved in both artistic and commercial photography. Author of many publications and exhibitions. His works have been published in photo, fashion and lifestyle magazines, both Polish and global, such as: Label Magazine, Foto, Italian Fashion World Magazine, English Oppa Magazine, French Cleptafire, Icelandic Reykjavik Boulevard Magazine, American Papercut Magazine and Chinese Prime Magazine. He also collaborated with Charaktery and Art and Business magazines, for which he made many cover and editorial sessions. Currently, he collaborates with the Kraft magazine, the first issue of which appeared with its cover session. Author of group and individual exhibitions (exhibitions in London, Berlin, Warsaw). His photos were appreciated at various photo competitions, incl. twice Grand Prix at Viva Photo Awards. Fujifilm brand ambassador since 2018. He makes photographic projects for them with Fuji cameras, conducts photography workshops where he teaches portrait photography and creating photographic stories. Currently, he works professionally with photos for musicians, photographing album covers and promotional sessions. He works with the music labels Kayax and Fonobo. In 2018, Franko released his first book (album) - Vol.1, containing cross-sectional works from the last ten years of photography. The book was published by the DIFA Foundation. Work on another publication is currently underway. His photography includes both classic black and white portraits, lifestyle photo series, as well as surreal conceptual works. He is a fan of classic photographic techniques - he photographs both with a Polaroid and various types of analog cameras. The most important things in photography for him are: atmosphere, specific mood, surprise, humor and honesty. He permanently lives and works in Warsaw.