Piotr Marek from Leica 6×7 Gallery

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Where do you start telling the amazing history of the Polaroid? From the fate of the visionary founder Edwin Land, or from how Polaroid influenced visual culture? From the presentation of over 250 of his different models, or from discussing areas such as eroticism, anthropology, fashion and art, in which Polaroid found its application? Or maybe it would be appropriate to start with photographers: Andy Warhol, Araki, Ansel Adams, and Chuck Close?

Piotr Marek from Leica 6×7 Gallery

There are many roads to this wonderful story, and during the workshops, we will be able to draw our own as well. We will get to know the famous magic allowing us to see the photo within a few minutes from the moment of taking it. We’ll see what else we can discover or do with such photo. Not with the help of programs, but ideas, own hands, and a little bit of knowledge about this once popular technology. Polaroid is magic … let’s discover it together.

— Piotr Marek