Sandro Miller „Atropa”

Rother's Mills
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Atropa, derived from the word atrophy, which carries the meaning: To weaken or waste away through disuse or the effect of disease. The imagery that you are about to experience takes on a cancerous feel, deteriorating, being eaten away, distressed. Sandro's influence came from many years of stopping in at garage and estate sales, going through old photographs, seeing them naturally fading and degrading from years of misuse and poor storage. Through months of experimentation, Sandro was able to duplicate the look he admired in aging photos (without the use of gimmicky computer techniques). You will find that through his process the images also take on a look of sculpture, mimicking the ancient Greek and Roman stone and marble statues displayed in museums. Sandro applies this technique to his photographs of the human form to create the effect you see in the following images.

Sandro Miller „Atropa”
Sandro Miller

Sandro Miller (born in 1958) is a photographic and video artist. He works as a publisher, lecturer, teacher, documentarian and humanist. He approaches his work with extreme sensitivity. He photographs forgotten people, who each day fight for survival. With respect and a bit of a parody, along with John Malkowich, he created picture series related to the art history; formal racial Expressivism (in Black Hair); revelatory cultural access (in Bikers and Matadors); a political narrative (in Cuban Portraits) and many more. His pictures can be cross-platform: black and white or color, film or digital, large formats or small, still or video. He lives in Chicago but photographs all over the world.