Shuwei Liu "Childhood Revisited"

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Within these scenes and reveries of childhood, I hope to zoom through time and see ourselves clearly within our surroundings. With these photographs, I hope to have a new knowledge of the past. In the remote countryside of northern China, the scale at which change is occurring (and nature being destroyed) is a bit slower than elsewhere. Thus, it’s easier to find some kind of code or continuing relationship between nature and human beings. — Shuwei Liu

Shuwei Liu "Childhood Revisited"
Shuwei Liu

“Childhood is a human water, a water which comes out of the shadows. This childhood, in the mists and glimmers, this life in the slowness of limbo gives us a certain layer of birth…” — Gaston Bachelard

“Childhood is not a thing which dies within us and dries up as soon as it has completed its cycle. It is not a memory. It is the most living of treasures and it continues to enrich us without our knowing it”. — Franz Hellens

Shuwei Liu was born in Tangshan in 1985 and currently lives in Shanghai, China. He obtained the Bachelor of Engineering at the Guangdong University of Technology in 2009. Then he decided to do what he really loves which is photography, design, and writing. Shuwei Liu is also a finalist of LensCulture Portrait Awards 2016. His works were exhibited internationally including places such as Power Station of Art, the State Hermitage Museum, Artefiera Bologna, JIMEI × ARLES Photo Festival, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Vu Photo. He was also a residency artist in Vermont Studio Center. Shuwei Liu was also awarded Fine Art “First Place” by PDN, and was the finalist of such contests as LensCulture Portrait Awards, Three Shadows Photography Awards, Barcelona International Photography Awards.