"Simona Kossak through the lenses of Lech Wilczek and Maciej Musiał"

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The exhibition "Simona Kossak through the lenses of Lech Wilczek and Maciej Musiał" is a tribute to an exceptional personality who dedicated her life to nature conservation, showcasing her intimate connection with nature through the lenses of two talented photographers, Maciej Musiał and Lech Wilczek ("Zoopsychology").

"Simona Kossak through the lenses of Lech Wilczek and Maciej Musiał"

Simona Kossak (1943-2007)

A biologist, professor of forestry, and science popularizer, Simona Kossak is best known for her efforts in preserving the remnants of Poland's natural ecosystems. She was the daughter of Jerzy Kossak, the granddaughter of Wojciech, and the great-granddaughter of Juliusz - three painters with a passion for horses, the Polish landscape, and history. She was also the niece of the poet Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska and the writer Magdalena Samozwaniec. Her great-aunt was Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, an author of historical novels. Simona was an exceptional figure herself, engaged in the behavioral ecology of mammals. She described herself as a "zoopsychologist" and was renowned for her uncompromising views, sensitivity to the fate of animals, and dedication to nature conservation, especially in the Białowieża Forest. She was ahead of her time in her approach to thinking about nature. Only now do we begin to understand the connection she perceived long ago - the relationship between our actions and the rest of the natural world. Living in the forest, she aligned herself with the animals and understood their language so well that some even considered her a witch.

Lech Wilczek (1930-2018)

An author of books and photographic albums on nature topics, Lech Wilczek was a nature lover and observer.

"Zoopsychology" is an exhibition of photographs by Lech Wilczek, who spent decades photographing Simona Kossak in their shared home - the forester's lodge in Dziedziniec, located in the Białowieża Forest. The photographs document the couple's everyday life among animals, portraying an intimate, sensitive, and humorous account of life close to nature. The images showcase love in its various dimensions. On one hand, we witness Lech's affection for Simona, but also her profound love for animals. The frames are filled with creatures that became their companions - wild boars, dogs, crows, deer, owls, and elks. Kossak dedicated her entire life to nature conservation, and her vision is now considered pioneering and timeless.

Maciej Musiał (1946-2000)

A photojournalist and author of many magazine cover photos, Maciej Musiał was a specialist in reproducing works by Polish artists.

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