We already know the results of the Vintage Grand Prix 2020

The jury faced a difficult choice of winners of the 6th edition of the Vintage Grand Prix. Out of 110 applications sent from 11 countries, it was decided to award 7 artists.

The winner of the first place is Marcelo Aragonese with a project combining analog photography with  textile  interference,  entitled  "Threads  and  Light."  In  his  series,  he  presents  life  and  social events in Chile, giving the presented situations a new meaning thanks to colorful embroidery.

The winner of the second place is Katarzyna Kryńska and her "Silence of the Heart", is cyanotype portraits of women combined with rich symbolism of birds. The artist shows in them the potential of previous generations.

The winner of the third place is Paz Olivares Droguett with the project "Volver / Nest" is a project documenting the artist's return to her native country, a new stage of life that changed their social relations and, due to the pandemic, also modified their forecasts for the future.

The honorary distinction was awarded to:

− Iwona  Germanek  for  the  project  "Reminiscences.  Blue  Chlorophyll"  based  on  cyanotype,  a story about the life of the artist's grandmother;

− Camila  Anvares  for  the  project  "The  jungle  in  me"  inspired  by  the  work  of  Anna  Atkins. The series presents a herbarium of plants growing in the artist's garden, made with the use of Lumen Print;

− Filippo Bardazzi and the project "Se ne sono andati tutti (Tuscany Blues)" is a nostalgic journey to Tuscany, enhanced with dark blue colors, giving the photos a melancholic atmosphere;

− Ciro Battiloro for the "Sanità" project. The story of the community of the Riona Sanità district, which became one of the poorest neighborhoods in Naples through the construction of the Sanità Bridge.   The   artist   moves, among   others   the   topic   of   isolation,   the   growing   problem   of unemployment, young people leaving education and increasing crime.

Congratulations to the winners!