Katarzyna Kryńska

Katarzyna Kryńska

Architect, designer, photographer. Doctor of Fine Arts. She a part of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers. Lecturer and educator. Her photos have been shown at numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. They are also in private collections. She specializes in emotional, portrait and artistic photography, using traditional and alternative photography. She is an analog photography enthusiast and works with photosensitive materials.

She is experimenting with 19th century photographic processes such as Wet Kolodion, Van Dyke, Salt Paper and Cyanotype. The author of the album BLUE MOON GARDEN.

Laureate of photo competitions: Black & White Spider Awards, International Color Award and Photos de Femmes. Her series Between Two Moons in the wet collodion technique took over 1st place in the Wet Plate Competition Canada. With the Cichość Serca series in cyanotype technique she won the 2nd place in Vintage Grand Prix at the Vintage Photo Festival. Blue Moon Garden Series was awarded in the international competition Julia Margaret Cameron Award and Fine Art Photography Awards and was presented at analogNOW !, Berlin Photo festivals Week, Foto Art Festival, Month of Photography Bratislava and Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona.